———— The North Coast, Playa Dorada / Costa Dorada & Puerto Plata ————




Hope that you find these maps usefull. If you have booked with Top3Tours and would like a high resolution version of any of these maps just send us an email. We will be happy to send it off to you.

The North Coast places of interest within close proximity to Puerto Plata are:
La Isabella ( Chrisopher Columbus's first settlement in the New World and home to the first New world church ). Luperon ( home to the yachting community and some fabulous beaches ).
Amber Cove ( the cruise ship port and the best fish diners around ).
Ocean World and the "Terrace" ( outdoor bar and music ).
The Lifestyles Hotel Complex.
The Malecon in Puerto Plata ( home of the popular Big Lee's ).
Costa Dorada and Playa Dorada ( golf, all inclusive and boutique hotels, and of course the Playa Dorada mall).
Sosua ( the beach is renowned for it's clear warm water, diving, snorkelling and sunning - not to mention the many shops both on the beach and in the town )
Cabarete ( home of the world best kite flying, a great beach, and lots of restaurants and bars to mingle in )

Playa Dorada is a great spot to wander around in, very safe and lots to do and see. Even play a round of golf if that tickles your fancy. The Mall has a movie theatre, lots of shops and bars as well as ATMs. If you have booked an excursion with Top3Tours and woud like a high resolution version of the Playa Dorada map, send us an email.

The Plaza el Pueblito ( Orange Market ) is right on the beach near Blue Jack Tar and you can easily get there from any hotel by strolling along the beach.

Be Live and the Iberostar make up Costa Dorada's west end. The public is welcome at Kviar ( casino and night club ), the Duty Free shop and Vinoteca.

But if you want to head off on your own by taxi or anywhere around the area we have listed a few attractions and places to visit below, however, you may have other places in mind. Your itinerary is up to you to discover, just let your taxi driver know your plans!

– Some attractions located right in Puerto Plata –

Brugal Rum Factory:

35 - 45 Minutes on site - depending on how long you stay to taste the rum.

Home of the Dominican's finest and most popular rum. If you would like to see how it is done, add this to your list. A small entrance fee will get you a quick tour of the factory and even include an opportunity to taste some of their legendary brands. The Brugal Rum factory is located in Puerto Plata. Note that the factory is closed to the public on weekends and from noon until 2PM on weekdays.

Amber Museum:

30 - 55 Minutes on site

One of the Dominican's most treasured natural items is Amber, petrified from the sap of the trees, some including trapped insects, the premise of Jurrasic Park! The Amber museum is in downtown Puerto Plata and displays many of these natural treasures.

Fortaleza ( Fort ) San Felipe:

60 - 90 Minutes on site

Built in 1577 overlooking the Atlantic Ocean in Puerto Plata, the fort houses a museum dedicated to historical and military artifacts. A must-see for history buffs, and you will pass by the newly built amphitheatre on your way to the fort.

– Dominican Countryside Adventure Attractions –

Tubagua Lodge ( Eco Lodge and Hiking Trail to 3 beautiful waterfalls ):

4 Hours on site - to do the hike and swim at the falls
1 Hour on site - to simply take in the breathtaking view over lunch

This eco tour is geared for the hikers. Allow approximately 5 hours if you plan to take the guided hike to all 3 of the amazing waterfall sites, you can take the short route of 6km and cool down with a swim at each of the falls or take the extended route of 9km. Your choice! You will be asked to pay the local guide a small fee of $15 per person and you can stop at a local shop to purchase water and snacks for the hike if you wish.
Or you can simply relax and enjoy the views from Tubagua while you take lunch in the cool mountain air. Tubagua Eco Lodge can provide you with a lunch for about $15 per person.
Check out Tubagua using the link below.

Kaiceitos Circus School ( Cabarete ):

Time varies on your activity

Kaiceitos Circus is a professionally run circus and acrobatic program in the heart of the Caribbean. The school is owned by a 30 year circus veteran family, that has operated in Bahamas, Mexico, Jamaica, America, Canada, Punta Cana and Now Cabarete for the last 23 years. Prices vary for different programs. Check their website for pricing and schedule.

El Choco National Park ( Cabarete ):

1.5 Hours on site

Set in the vicinity of Puerto Plata, 2.2 miles south west of Cabarete, El Choco National Park welcomes travelers who are lodging in this part of the Western side of the Dominican Republic. Entrance to the park is about $3.00, check this link for more information.

The Caves of Cabarete:

1.5 Hours on site

This eco tour is geared for the adventure seekers. The Caves are located in El Choco National Park. Open 9 AM until 4 PM, admission to the Caves with a guide is about $20.00.

– The Eastern Towns and Beaches of Cabarete, Sosua and Playa Dorada –

Cabarete and Cabarete Beach:

1.5 to 3.5 Hours on site.

Cabarete is a thriving community with a personality all it's own. The beach is just steps from the main road and is lined with dozens of bars and restaurants. Give yourself at least an hour and a half to see some of the world's best kite boarders, poke around the shops and check out the beach bars. There is no cost to visit the beach.

Sosua and Sosua Beach:

1.5 to 3.5 Hours on site.

10 minutes west from Cabarete and 20 minutes east from Puerto Plata. One of the North Coast's more famous beaches nestled into a bustling community of bars restaurants and shops. Sosua also boasts that it is home to a castle built by an eccentric European! Although you could see it all in an hour, we recommend giving yourself a couple of hours to experience it all, but don't get too comfortable or you may find yourselves spending the entire day here! There are many websites about Sosua that you can review, the one below is a good place to start.
There is no cost to visit the beach although you may be asked to purchase drinks if you wish to sit in a beach chair.

– Some of our favourite places to stop for food –

Big Lee's ( On the Malecon in Puerto Plata ):

Casetta #8 on the Malecon. There is so much to say about this place and so little room to write it.
We suggest you go there yourself and send us the description! Check out his website for a lot of the details, hours, events and even his menu. Salud. ( Click Information )

Maimón ( West of Puerto Plata ):

Maimón (or Bahia de Maimón, English: Maimón Bay) is a small resort town in the Puerto Plata province of the Dominican Republic, around 24 km west of San Felipe de Puerto Plata (Puerto Plata). Maimón is a bustling fishing village renowned by local Dominicans for it's multitude of great fish restaurants.
We recommend Maimón as a great place to stop on the way to or from the 27 Waterfalls. Nearby is Amber Cove home to cruise ships from far off destinations. If you are lucky you may see the Queen Mary II in port. Enjoy your fish fried or baked, with an ice cold Presidente and mingle with the locals as you select your own fish from the cooler. Priced for Dominicans, it is excellent value and quality, tops on our list.

Aguaceros ( Malecon Puerto Plata ):

Recently remodelled, Aguaceros has been a local favourite for many many years. Located on the Malecon just east of the fort, you can enjoy a view of the ocean while you eat. You will always find something on their menu to suit your tatses, from traditional Dominican dishes to North American fare. Priced for locals, your meal will set you back less than dinner at most fast food chains!

Le Petit Francois ( Playa Dorada ):

Any trip to Playa Dorada should include a visit to Le Petit Francois when hunger strikes. Located right on the beach and nestled into a small marketplace of souvenir shops and local craftsmen, Le Petit Francois is our favourite place to stop.They even have poutine made the French Canadian way, what more needs to be said?

Ocean Village ( Sosua ):

We like to spend our vacation days here and enjoy the horizon pool, the waterslides, the massive playground for the kids and sample some of the 5 star items on their extensive menu! Entrance is $400 RD to use the pool area, but free if you are just there for dining. If you would like to treat yourselves to something a bit more upscale, this location is not to be missed. You are permitted to take a walk around and you will find some great locations for family or group photos, from the Greek style parenthenon to a full size pirate ship.

Jose O'Shea's ( Cabarete ):

Always a favourite when in Cabarete, located right on the beach and is easily accessible from the street. Jose's is not quite a typical Irish Pub, but the closest thing you will find in the Dominican. Pub grub in massive quantities, ice cold drinks, kids menu and a virtual museum of roadhouse items, you won't be dissappointed if you wind up here for lunch.