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Amber Cove Access

We welcome your inquiries at Top3Tours.com and appreciate your interest in our excursions. Access to Amber Cove is restricted to operators that have made contractual agreements with the cruise line and their management. These agreements involve considerable financial obligations and meeting these requirements would severely impact Top3Tours' ability to offer any of our excursions to cruise line visitors at our low low prices.


However, we have made arrangements with a local operator that picks up just outside the Amber Cove Terminal and is able to take your group privately on either an excursion to the 27 waterfalls of Damajagua or on a tour of our city including an ascent to the top of Mt. Isabella on the cable car at pricing we think you will find attractive.

We are very fussy when it comes to choosing local operators and we can guarantee that this operator is fully insured with a generous liability policy.

To read more about these excursions, how to reach the meeting point, our pricing, and what each of these excursions have to offer...please click through on the continue link below.



Please have a great time while you are here in Puerto Plata and if you decide to come back for a vacation experience, be sure to compare our Top3Tours.com prices before you book any excursions. We will contiue to meet our commitment to offer our tours and activities at our low low pricing.

Your Top3Tours.com Team